Selfie in front of my beloved MacI’m David Bridger. I settled with my family and our two big dogs in England’s West Country after twenty years of ocean-based mischief, during which I worked as a lifeguard, a sailor, an intelligence gatherer and an investigator.

Then I got hurt, came home a bit physically broken, and for good measure caught a severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) virus in a military hospital.

Now I write science fiction & fantasy novels. Sometimes they’re informed by my experiences out on the crinkly blue.

I write what I love for readers who love what I write.

I’m a Quakerish ecosocialist, a spoonie, an adopter of donkeys, a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter, a lover of blues and jazz, a browncoat, and a whovian of the 9 & 10 era (starting with Rose and ending with Donna).

I’m on Twitter for political activism; supporting and enjoying Liverpool; water cooler moments with writer and reader friends; and following historians and archaeologists, artists, and scientists.

On Instagram for the chronic illness spoonie community.

I blog here about writing fiction and life, chronic illness and life, and diversity in life and fiction. It depends what comes up.

Welcome to my world. 🙂

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