first post

Hello from my new website. Same address, but with a fresh coat of paint and moved to a new location. Feels almost like I’ve gone back to my water nomad days.

So for old friends and, I hope, some new ones, this is me.

After twenty years of ocean-based fun, during which I worked as a lifeguard, a sailor, an intelligence gatherer and an investigator, I settled with my family and our two monstrous hounds in England’s West Country, where I write stories of the paranormal and urban fantasy. 

They live inside me, shining, like movies playing in my mind. Stories of good and bad and all the various shades of confusion in between.

Adventure? There is always adventure.

Mystery? It lurks in the shadows.

Love? Love is where you find it. 

My stories are for you.

Welcome to my new home! 🙂

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