Ghost story in space Damage Control released to celebrate PRIDE!

Damage Control cover

A Christmas ghost story in space starring two brave young women engineers who happen to be in love, this previously published title is now rewritten as an adult novella and released to celebrate PRIDE.

“Damage Control is action, love and loyalty all wrapped around an intriguing Science Fiction puzzle.” USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR KIM KNOX

Kath Preston and Jen Stenberg are damage control engineers in the generation starship Romeo, 582 years into its 800-year journey from frozen Earth to humanity’s hopeful future on planet Nirvana. When they were schoolgirl best friends, Romeo’s population was doubled to 10,000 by taking on survivors from its stricken sister ship Juliet in the disaster that claimed the life of Kath’s hero father Peter.

On Christmas Eve seventeen years later, in the space of a single 24-hour duty while the people of Romeo are preparing to enjoy the holiday, can Kath and Jen step into Peter’s hero shoes when the actions of a murderous rogue crewman and the lurking ghost of the Juliet conspire to threaten Romeo’s safety and the lives of those they love?

DAMAGE CONTROL is available to buy from these outlets.

Brain damage

Bridge photo by Tony WebsterHad the horrible realisation last week that what I’ve been calling brain fog all these years has now become brain damage.

Another friend of mine with severe ME has died. Jodi Bassett was only 40. Artist, writer, for twenty years an advocate for ME sufferers, and founder of The Hummingbirds Foundation. Through her detailed and influential papers on that site she helped many people (including many doctors) to understand the medical science of our disease. One remark I remember her making about her own condition was that the brain disease had caused real and permanent brain damage.

Last week, while enjoying one of Frauke Spanuth’s excellent workshops, I came up against a wall that no amount of determination and persistence on my part or intelligent and calm teaching on her part could get me around, and I saw it for what it is.

Frauke has been so patient with me all through our mentorship this year, while I’ve struggled to learn and apply new skills that even a year ago I would have absorbed without scratching my head.

Clearly, I still have the ability to communicate. I still have the words. But the learning new skills part of my brain is burned away.

And, yes, the ME was (and still is) punishing me in its normal nasty way for overdoing it with ten hours of good writing on my new project over the previous weekend. But that wasn’t the case for the three months of our mentor program, when these exact same brain symptoms stopped me from functioning.

That’s where I found myself in the middle of last week, and I didn’t know where I would go from that point.

It wasn’t the anguished wail it probably sounds like. It was more a hollow thud of recognition.

But then I realised I wasn’t getting any intel that my brain’s frustrating inability to learn new technical skills is affecting my ability to write. I mean, yes, my ten hours of weekend writing had kicked me to the kerb, but it’s good. Really good stuff that I’m very happy to build on.

I’m probably tempting fate saying this, but sod it. It’s my fate and I’ll tempt it if I want to. This is how I see this development:

It’s frustrating as hell that the part of my brain that enables me to learn new technical skills has gone, but  I still have the creative planning and writing parts of my brain.

Last night I wrote 500 good Sky Train words to start its second chapter. This project is very much still alive.

And the other aspect of this is that for a writer, nothing, nothing, is a wasted experience. 😉

STORYWALKER is published!

It’s been two years in the making, including a complete rewrite last year to take it from my original YA idea to an epic fantasy. Finally, it’s live. I pushed the button last night and awoke this morning as an indie author.

Storywalker cover

STORYWALKER is a multiverse-hopping quest fantasy with big characters, worlds that leak people and creatures and mythologies back and forth, several flavours of diversity, warrior dragons, and abandoned people building families of friends.

Part-time librarian Molly Matthews lives with the painful and exhausting chronic illness ME. The condition has broken every part of her life, except that she has plenty of time to escape into books. Especially her favourite fantasy series, Tamass the Fearless.

And when Molly escapes, she really escapes, because she possesses a rare talent that allows her to enter a book and meet its characters and share their adventures. Molly is a Storywalker.

Novelist Paul Best doesn’t walk in stories, but he’s always been good at making them up. At least, that’s what he believes, until he learns that he’s spent years unconsciously channelling the life of his unknown twin brother Tamass as the hero of his successful series.

When Tamass turns up at Paul’s door one dark and stormy night with murderous demons on his tail, it’s the start of a frantic multiverse-hopping adventure.

And then there’s Molly Matthews, one of Paul’s readers, a woman who is so quietly ill in one world that she’s nearly invisible, but who is seen riding a warrior dragon in other worlds.

A generation ago, the ruthless demon Baron Rake put an end to the snooping of Paul’s and Tamass’s parents into his plans to enslave the multiverse. He is furious when their sons and Molly pick up the investigation again just when he’s about to make his final move.

Separately, and each with the help of friends old and new, Molly and Paul cross worlds that leak people, creatures, and mythologies back and forth, and their paths converge as they fight against impossible odds to save their entire multiverse.

STORYWALKER is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, iBooksKobo, and B&N.

I’ve dedicated it to ME sufferers everywhere and everywhen. 🙂


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