My Christmas books

I’m one of those people who has every possession I need or want, so each year in November/December I create a books wishlist for my family.

We got over the but you know what you’ll be getting thing ages ago. They know I’m always happy to unwrap book presents on Christmas Morning, and better to give me a book I really want to read than take a gamble on a guess.

These are the titles I’m asking for this year:

  • Public Library and other stories by Ali Smith
  • The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M Banks
  • Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)
  • The Celts by Alice Roberts

What books do you look forward to reading this winter?

This week on Planet David

Our daughter Jackie has been in hospital, having a horribly painful time of it, so I’ve been focusing on her rather than on my writing, but they operated yesterday and she’s going home today, and my mind feels almost freed to get back into The Orphan Age. (Shortened to Orphans from here on.)

I’ve completed the POVs rewrite and we’re all ready to venture into new territory. On two levels: my writing; and the quest party setting out to cross their world.

Need to invent A Secret. It’ll come.

Also, one evening this week when things were quiet on the Jackie front, I wrote the opening pages of my SF political allegory Quiet Resistance. (QR from here on.) Purely because I had its noir mood in mind and wanted to capture that in words. I expect I’ll return to this one in snippets while I’m working full time on Orphans.

Also also, I started an online course last night, called Into The Darkness: Investigating Film Noir. It’s taught by Professor Richard L Edwards PhD of Ball Sate University, and presented in partnership with the cable TV channel TCM. Nice to be doing something just for pleasure. And I’m sure what I learn will filter into my writing, especially QR. I’m going to enjoy these next 8 weeks.

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