Why I want Jeremy Corbyn to be our Prime Minister

In my constituency, the Green candidate (who in any other election would have my vote) has announced he is endorsing the Labour candidate. The reasons he gives echo my reasons for voting Labour this time.


I really like Jeremy Corbyn’s natural style, his lack of professional polish and of obvious “preparedness” at the hands of a team of public relations robots. This attracted me to him in the first place, in the same way that Labour’s manifesto did, and still does.

You know all these new Labour voters who aren’t party members? The ones old guard party members despise so much because they fear we’re stealing “their” party from them? Maybe, like me, lots of these voters are similarly attracted to Corbyn’s quiet sincerity and maturity, and to Labour under his leadership. Maybe gladiatorial TV interviews etc don’t interest them much or sway them at all. In fact, maybe more people who haven’t been engaged by polished politics in the past will be attracted too as the campaign continues.

I’m heartened by recent remarks by former ABCers (Anyone-But-Corbyn-ers, that is) who are warming to the possiblity that Corbyn might be a good prospect after all, now they’re seeing/reading/hearing more of him during the election campaign. If their remarks reflect a similar warming across the board among Labour Party members, the old guard right wing angry brigade in the NEC and PLP will have no choice but to go with the wave, however they foam and gnash in private.

Jeremy Corbyn’s values and his style of leadership inspire me.

I think, I hope, that if Labour wins this election, then we as a country can make a fresh start.

So, 2017…

Tried, but didn’t quite make it back here in January. Been awful poorly. Caught a chest infection sometime back in mid-December and although it’s nearly gone now I’m still laid low.

Missed an appointment with my consultant eye surgeon Monday. Too ill to leave the house, never mind spend a day in the hospital. So back down the surgery list I go.

That’s it. See you when I can sit up and type more.

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