Overwhelmed by a plotbunny!

Photo by Tyler NixOh. My. Goodness. A huge plotbunny overwhelmed me this morning, just as I’m gearing up to write Book 2 of my space opera series this summer.

It’s about as far from science fiction as it could be. Fallen angels living and working on Earth, and possibly, probably, one of its main characters being a biromantic asexual Christian clergywoman of whichever denomination I settle on eventually.

It will continue on from – and definitely mine deeper into – the world of my first ever published book, Beauty and the Bastard, the rights for which returned to me some time ago.

This idea feels delicious. Delightfully dark urban fantasy with some deep theology, 25 years after I studied it. I’ll need to brush up on my eschatology, and more.

All that remains is to decide where it will fit into my to-be-written schedule. And then to write it. 🙂

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