Home from seeing the rock musical Hair and dancing on stage with Kelly Sweeney!

I’m home from the theatre. Hair, the 50th Anniversary, is the best musical I’ve ever seen. Experienced. For me it genuinely was a happening.

The original came out in 1967 when I was 10, too young to see it obviously and no one in my family would have taken me anyway, but its music filled the charts and I loved it. Never stopped loving it. So when they announced the 50th Anniversary show was coming to Plymouth my daughter Bev bought us a pair of front row tickets and I’ve spent the entire week resting religiously to save up every last ounce of possible energy for it.

I lived it. Every song, every speech, every dance, every emotion. Welled up when they sang the first lines of the opening number. Highlight of my theatre-going days.

In the interval Bev and I mentioned the cast members who’d impressed us the most. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all fabulous, but we had our favourites. Mine was playing Crissy, who I’ve now learned is the actress Kelly Sweeney. I told Bev I’d noticed Kelly giving her everything whenever she sang and danced. She left nothing whatsoever on the shelf. Brilliant.

We stood to applaud the bowing cast at the end, whooping our appreciation. And then they performed an encore. And then… and THEN…

They started singing Let The Sun Shine In again and several cast members came forward to invite people from the audience up to join them.

I couldn’t not go. Bev was worried sick, but I was only three steps from the stage stairs, and there were only three of them, and Kelly was holding out her hand to me and smiling. So up I went.

I was clearly unwell. Kelly knew before I’d reached the stage, I think. But she held on to my hand and smiled encouragement and we danced and sang together.

I sang my heart out and Kelly never let go of my hand. I’ll never forget it. Not the first time I’ve been on a stage and I’ve sung in public many times, but it was certainly the first time since I got ill. I never thought it would happen again.

But it did happen. It was always going to. It was one of my happenings.

Dancing with Kelly and singing Let The Sun Shine In with the cast was one of the highlights of my life. It will stay with me forever.

When I fell back into my seat I told Bev, I can die happy now. She said, I hope you don’t. And I chuckled, but you know what? I meant it. 🙂

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