Can you help me?

Photo by Brooke CagleI need help. Can any of you fellow writers help me, please? I have two books to re-release, A Flight of Thieves and Gifted, but I’m too sick to do the jobs they need before I can publish them.

A friend helped by converting the two novels I got back from my former publisher from PDFs to Word docs, and I started fine touch formatting them just before I got too ill to continue that job. All that’s left to do on each of them is to correct two finicky things: (i) paragraph inset at random places where lines have merged; and (ii) remove some random erroneous page breaks.

The other thing is tweaking Georgia Woods’s fabulous steampunk cover for A Flight of Thieves, by adding my logo and blanking out a “Book 1” text (because I’m too sick to write any more of the series so it’s remaining a standalone).

Two friends offered to do these things for me, but life has happened to both of them the way it does.

Sorry. I’m so sick just posting this so far has my mind all hot and confused now. I hope this request makes sense.

Can anyone help me get these books back out there?

EDIT: Lovely Jodie Griffith is helping me with the Word formatting, and lovely Vivian Arend is tweaking my cover! 🙂

Grabbing a quick breath of clarity

Maps (photo by Andrew Neel)Still in relapse. It’s two months since the kids brought the flu home – “There ya go, Grandad!” – from their first week at school and that flu’s been gone for, I dunno, six weeks, so I really can’t avoid calling this a relapse.

“Sleeping” around the clock, big muscles and joints pain, and recurring infections that hurt horribly and give some cause for concern. Had to cancel a blood test this week because I couldn’t possibly get to the doctors. Couldn’t even get dressed properly, never mind make it down our front steps to the taxi. Didn’t reschedule the appointment. Pointless until I surface a bit.

So no writing. No creative thoughts. No worries. Too sick to worry.

Not even concerned that sales of my two 2016 indie novels have flatlined on zero for the past 28 days. That isn’t something I can do anything about, so… whatever.

Had intended to publish my SFF Collection before Christmas, but that’s in the same category as the flatlined sales. Out of sight beyond any possible control of mine.

Same thing with my two returned-to-me novels Gifted and A Flight of Thieves. Even if I don’t get to write another book in my life (which I don’t think will be the case, but for the sake of argument…) I want to release/re-release those three titles because at the moment my Books page shows only four titles available for purchase.

Want to get that back up to seven. That’s my mission as soon as I can sit up and think straight for more than ten minutes at a time.

Then there’s Sky Train. Sigh. That’s a bloody good story and I’m determined to get back to writing it.

Also a short UF novella I’m halfway through writing, with its end-of-December deadline. It’s good too, and I’d like to get into that anthology.

You know what? I’m woozy and exhausted after writing this, but it’s the best clarity I’ve enjoyed all week. I’ll end on that happy note. 🙂

Still post-viral

Seems a daft thing to say, seeing as I’ve been “post-viral” since I caught ME in a hospital somewhere in the middle of 1991. Of course what I’m talking about here is being post-viral after my September flu.

And I’m choosing to call it that rather than relapse. Feels more hopeful.

SFX: long sigh

As you may imagine, not a lot of writing going on. Sky Train’s waiting patiently for me to be human again.

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