Gifted is re-released

Gifted - David Bridger - cover


When school-leaver Jessica’s reclusive great-grandfather bequeaths her a haunted castle in the Welsh borderlands, she’s thrust into a world of hostile strangers, troublesome Romany tenants, and a strange gift that shows her disjointed visions of the past. And that’s only the start of it. She thinks she’s going mad, until old family stories and the superstitious fears of locals convince her that something sinister really is going on at Kidd Castle, and all the while the gift keeps drawing her deeper into the secrets of her ancestors.

The only person who seems to understand what’s happening is the young Romany street artist, Joe. In the face of deadly danger to them and their loved ones, Jessica and Joe must master the gift before the past imposes its terrible will on the present.

This novel was prviously published by Hartwood Publishing.

Revised 2nd Edition available now from:


Amazon UK


Barnes & Noble




Angus & Robertson


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12 Responses to Gifted is re-released

  1. Erin says:

    Yay! And I love the cover!

  2. Wonderful! And so is news that you got so many new words down. Best wishes on a new trend. Now I’ll tiptoe away in hopes you’re writing…

  3. That is a lovely cover, and very appropriate to the story. If my review didn’t transfer on Amazon, remind me and I’ll repost it to the new addition.

    /me whispers: glad you’re getting some words and that you’re being careful of the cliff.

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