Hip update: Day 7

6 days since the injury. Learning to maintain the fine balance between careful movement to prevent all my soft tissue and muscle stuff in there seizing, and too much movement that will keep tearing the stuff that I hope is trying to heal.

I hope this metaphorical balancing act won’t be too difficult, because even careful movement hurts like a high-pitched screech. And frequently causes them, although I cut them off quickly because they’re embarrassing.

I’ve found a manoeuvre that reduces the pain of a certain movement. One of the screechy moves is my right leg sliding forward delicately to meet my left one. You know, like a step, only reduced to a six-inch shuffle. Moving backwards aches sickeningly, but it isn’t sharp like going forward. So in the middle of the night when I couldn’t persuade my bladder to wait any longer and had to walk to the bathroom, I discovered that if I move sideways it isn’t as bad.

Lesson learned. I’m walking like a crab, left foot out to the side, right foot raised gently until only the ball of my foot touches the floor like a dancer in slow motion, then gently bring it to rest alongside left foot. And repeat. It’s a slow walk, but it doesn’t bring a hot wave of near-faint pain and lights dancing in my vision as the price for every six inches of horizontal progress.

Next mission will be to conquer the stairs problem. Because my bed is up there.

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10 Responses to Hip update: Day 7

  1. Lydia says:

    Thanks for the update, David. I’m glad you found a way to move that causes you less pain.

  2. Ugh. Hoping for quick healing, David.

  3. Oh, hugs, David. Be careful about finding paths of least resistance because you can change your recovery. That said, glad you found some way to manage.

  4. When my hip was healing, I went up the stairs sideways, one step at a time, using my good leg to haul the other one up step by step. However, mine was a new hip and you’re in another boat entirely. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks, Keriann. That’s exactly how I got up the stairs last night. The night before I went into hospital it took me 20 minutes to kind of crawl up on my hands and not-injured haunch, whimpering all the way and crying actual tears near the top. Last night still took 10 minutes but it was an improvement on that first time.

  5. Murfomurf says:

    Life is sucking hard for yoou (still)! I hope you can get through the worst of it swiftly. I found when my inside-hip muscles spasmed badly in the middle of a very long walk around Castelluccio in Italy that the only way I could get out was to “walk” sideways. Otherwise they were going to leave me there and bring a rescue vehicle. It would ave taken hours for them to get back into Castelluccio for a phone and then a farmer would probably have had to drive a tractor out slowly to get me!
    My shoulder partial reconstruction went rilliantly 6 weeks ago and I am almost fully functional again! Love that surgeon!

    Best of luck and hugs.

    • Hi, Murf. Thanks for telling me about your experience in Italy. It tallies with what I’m finding now, and strengthens my resolve to keep going the way I’m going. Sideways. 😀

      Great news about your shoulder! Hugs for you too!

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