Monday morning coffee

Monday morning coffeeI know of no better smell and taste. Not at this time of the morning anyway. A gorgeous pint of unsweetened black rocket fuel, please.

Had a fall last week and hurt my arthritic shoulders badly. They’re still agony. Can’t sleep because can’t take my weight on either shoulder for more than 15 minutes at a time before the pain is sickening.

So writing is off the menu for the time being. Still living with my characters in my head, mind. Space Train 2 is talking to me again after my brief interlude with that palate cleanser story, which I’m ready to put aside now until ST2 is done. Chapter 2 is ready to rock. As soon as the pain is manageable, I’ll be back into it.

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  1. Margaret says:

    HUGS on the pain, but yay for enjoying coffee…even if you’re missing the key, white, ingredient ;).

    Who knows…maybe all this time hanging with your characters in your head will produce great words once you’ve improved.

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