My near-death experience: what happened next

My near-death: what happened next

It wasn’t the first time I’d nearly died.

It was the fourth, actually. Hardly surprising when you consider my long military career and how it ended, and the health condition I’ve lived with since that career ended with a bang and a whimper.

What made this near-death experience different was me blogging it. Click To Tweet

Which I did at the rate of about one brief post per month. They’re still there if you want to read them, from some time last summer to some time this spring.

Each time I wrote one, I was aware that it might be the last message you ever readย from me.

I wasn’t being morbid. I was fighting like hell to stay alive, but several times it seemed likely to be a losing battle. So every time I posted a single paragraph update, I imbued it with my love for you, my friends and readers.

Hey, gimme a break. I was dying. A bit of sentimentality was allowed.

Anyway. I didn’t. Die.

And this survival was just like the previous three, in that I found myself suddenly filled with larger-than-life. This time it manifested in an explosion of writing that’s still going on even now, near the other end of the summer.

It’s good writing. The best I’ve ever done.

Here’s what I have going on in 2015:


Finished and submitting to agents

Literary fiction
The story of a Cornishman, a traditional boatbuilder, who lives his life three times over in pursuit of his great love.


Writing now or queued to write

YA multiverse fantasy
42k written (of an estimated 100k)
Diversity: main and important secondary characters with different ethnic origins, some LGBT, and the heroine is chronically ill with borderline-severe ME.

Political allegory
Noir SF
3 chapters written
Alien invasion back in 1985. Present day MCs are members of a secret resistance organisation dedicated to taking our world back.

Space western SF series
Firefly meets Wagon Train
Book 1 planned and ready to write.

Time shifting SF adventure. You know INCEPTION? Clever like that.
2 fast chapters written to establish its tone.


Backlist books for development

Two modern day princesses of demon mafia families caught up in a crime war. Two unlikely anti-heroes: a fallen angel bounty hunter and a family operative.
BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD (novella rights revert from publisher to me in September) could be merged with QUIET FIRE (novella plot planned & first chapters written) and developed into a novel.

YA futuristic steampunk
Book 1 (FLIGHT OF THIEVES) published as ebook by Hartwood and to be released in print this year
Books 2 & 3 skeleton-planned
Diversity: inter-racial and same sex partnerships, disabled MCs


Not bad, eh, for someone who last summer told both his publishers the sad news that he was too ill to continue writing?

Well I’m calling it a win. ๐Ÿ™‚

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12 Responses to My near-death experience: what happened next

  1. Margaret says:

    Not bad at all, but not really surprising. You know the whole thing about those who can quit should because writing is hard work for small return? Well, from the first moment we “met,” I’ve known you as one of those who couldn’t quit. Sure, you slowed down a lot in the dark times of this, but the characters keep poking, and they give you an extra boost when the struggle gets rough.

    Love your ambitious list with one mild objection…the order seems off to someone who enjoyed Flight of Thieves ;).

    • David Bridger says:

      I’ve always known that about you, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not stamping my foot and insisting on any specific order of business (although there is this urge to focus on one of the two big WIPs then focus on the other one) but if my literary agent search is successful this summer I look forward to having a “What’s next?” discussion with her or him.

  2. Margaret says:

    Yeah, yeah, that was the exception to the rule last time.

    However, it give me the opportunity to say I enjoyed Beauty and the Bastard too, so looking forward to seeing what you do with that one.

  3. Erin says:

    Yay for all you’ve done and are planning on doing! Nothing quite like that clarity (though I’ve only been through it once myself).

    • David Bridger says:

      Thank you, Erin! You’re right about the stunning clarity, but I’m glad you’ve only experienced it once.

  4. Pip Mulgrue says:

    I’m really, really pleased to read this from you. Apart from anything else, writing is such a huge joy and I was genuinely distressed when it seemed that you weren’t able to do it, even outside of the dying thing (and I’m very pleased you lived too!)

    • David Bridger says:

      Thanks, Pip!

      I was very pleased to see you tweeting about writing again the other day, too. Hooray for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am so glad you pulled through. It’s fantastic that you are doing so much writing! Best wishes.

  6. Aiona says:

    A Cornish boatbuilder! I sure hope that one is picked up!

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