My warm place

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It got cold around here since I last blogged. Very cold, inside and out. Health’s been grim, plus there was a painful event in my private life. Been more bedbound than usual, about 90% instead of my normal 75%. Been hanging onto hope.

Not hope that my health will improve. That train’s long gone. Hope that it won’t get worse. Because it could be a lot worse with only a small nudge off the cliff edge.

Some people with ME are fed through tubes for the rest of their lives. Many die from long term organ damage. Others kill themselves when the pain is constantly hideous and there’s no hope of a treatment and no end in sight.

That’s how bad it can get, but I hope it won’t for me. At least until the end of my life, whenever that is. No worse than my present quality of life until then is my sincere hope.

I’m okay. Got my warm place. It’s small and dark and snuggly, and my friends and I talk to each other. I’m not lonely. Could be, horribly, but I’m not. Still here. Still in touch.

And still using my writer’s brain. Holley Trent and I are working on our cozy mystery. Working title is Gully’s Wood. It’s fun. Exactly what I need.

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19 Responses to My warm place

  1. Ashe Elton Parker says:

    *hugs* on the pain and difficulties it’s causing, David. I’m glad your writing continues. That, I’ve found in my own life, is sometimes all I need to find hope. You are in my thoughts.

  2. You are always in my prayers, my friend. <3

  3. Gloria says:

    Perfect description of what I think most of us hope for with this mad illness. Thank you for sharing and I will hope for even better things for us in the future but for now being content with how things are is pretty acceptable. πŸ™‚

  4. Hugs on the rough time of it, but you’ve got the right attitude. If you can find the joy in now, that’s better than a false hope in a cure…even if the hope turns out not to be false. After all, if a cure comes, you have to still be here to take it.

    Glad to hear you’re keeping warm and writing :).

  5. Angela Scott says:

    Hugs David.

  6. Nelma says:

    I feel what you feel, dear David. My ME is killing me sometimes and it’s getting worse day by day, it seems. I wish you so much luck and warmth, and I hope with all my heart that one day your health will improve. Hugs from your old friend.

  7. Nelma says:

    David, did you see the movie Unrest? It’s about ME. I can recommend it to you. It’s on Netflix in Holland so maybe also in England.

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