Five Friday Favourites

Haven’t done one of these for a while.

1. Hunter-gatherer food

2. Item in your living room

3. Childhood imagining

4. DVD box set you want to watch

5. Music-making scene in a film

My favourites are…

1. Blackberries

2. Tiffany lamp

3. I imagined tiny worlds flourishing on specs of dust. I wondered if they survived the turmoil brought to their universes by my mother’s duster, and hoped some monstrous duster a few sizes up the scale would never destroy our world.

4. Twin Peaks series 2. I’ve owned it since Christmas but haven’t had time to enjoy it yet. Saving it as a reward for when these edits are done.

5. Nina and Jamie playing J.S. Bach’s Sonata No. 3 in Truly, Madly, Deeply

What are yours?

Pitch a Carina editor today!

Carina editor Gina Bernal is taking pitches today on our group blog Here be Magic.

She will choose one winner and request either a partial or a full from them. Please keep pitches to a brief one paragraph blurb plus pertinent details (title, genre, word count). Be sure to read the interview first to see what she is looking for. Hint: she has a fondness for Celtic stories and historical romance, but also other subgenres.

Good luck! 🙂

My Monday stuff

I’m waiting on edits again. This process has been a huge timesuck for me over the past six months and I’m fixing it now. It’s no good to keep postponing current work while I wait to edit something I’ve already written. No novel exists in a vacuum, as publishers are always quick to remind writers. But it’s the same for us, too. Publishers have their businesses to consider and we have our careers. If I spend forever waiting to edit something old, when will I write anything new?

So from today my working practice will change. I still don’t like the idea of interrupting a WIP when I’m immersed in it, but that’s how it’ll have to be until the number of publishers I’m working with at one time is streamlined through natural events and the situation goes away on its own. Today, I start writing Quarter Square’s sequel Golden Triangle. When those other edits arrive, I’ll pause the WIP to deal with them, then get back to the future.

Talking of editing, Angela James is accepting registrations for her Before You Hit Send course, which I took and thoroughly enjoyed in January. Angela is the executive editor of Carina Press. Carina is a fabulous publisher to work with, Angela is brilliant, and this course is worth its weight in gold. Last I heard, there are only five places left. If you’re thinking of doing it, I’d grab it now.

Today I’m guest blogging with a Weaverfields excerpt over at Nice N’ Naughty. Come and say hello if you like. 🙂

Finally, congratulations to everyone involved in Genre for Japan! The auction closed at midnight last night and I believe the initial total came in at more than £11,000. Well done!

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