Home and away


1. The kids reached Tunisia safely yesterday morning and texted us in the afternoon to say the hotel staff are being horrible to them. They’re being “…treated like crap, glared at, spoken over and ignored. Had to fight to get the wrist bands that indicate we paid for an all inclusive holiday.”

I suppose this might have something to do with our warships sitting just off their coast and bombing their neighbouring country.

2. The bundle of my ebooks I offered for auction has been accepted by Genre for Japan. Have you heard of this one? It’s a good thing. As well as individual authors and artists, Tor, Angry Robot, Voyager, Gollancz and Transworld are all involved and donating generously.

3. The work I hoped would arrive today hasn’t, so if anyone wants me I’ll be in my cave writing guest blog articles & interviews in advance.

Getting twitchy

This weekend two of our daughters and one of their husbands are off on holiday to Tunisia, just as our various governments finalise the plans for going to war against neighbouring Libya. They booked and paid for this holiday last year and have been keeping an eye on the situation ever since the revolution kicked off there. Last month they decided things have calmed down sufficiently in Tunisia for them to go.

They’re going and that’s that. And frankly, at their age I would have gone too. In fact I did, many times. But it’s a lot harder to watch my kids go to dangerous places than it ever was to do it myself.

Twitchy? Me? You bet I am.

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