Hip update: Day 7

6 days since the injury. Learning to maintain the fine balance between careful movement to prevent all my soft tissue and muscle stuff in there seizing, and too much movement that will keep tearing the stuff that I hope is trying to heal.

I hope this metaphorical balancing act won’t be too difficult, because even careful movement hurts like a high-pitched screech. And frequently causes them, although I cut them off quickly because they’re embarrassing.

I’ve found a manoeuvre that reduces the pain of a certain movement. One of the screechy moves is my right leg sliding forward delicately to meet my left one. You know, like a step, only reduced to a six-inch shuffle. Moving backwards aches sickeningly, but it isn’t sharp like going forward. So in the middle of the night when I couldn’t persuade my bladder to wait any longer and had to walk to the bathroom, I discovered that if I move sideways it isn’t as bad.

Lesson learned. I’m walking like a crab, left foot out to the side, right foot raised gently until only the ball of my foot touches the floor like a dancer in slow motion, then gently bring it to rest alongside left foot. And repeat. It’s a slow walk, but it doesn’t bring a hot wave of near-faint pain and lights dancing in my vision as the price for every six inches of horizontal progress.

Next mission will be to conquer the stairs problem. Because my bed is up there.

Hip hip (not a lot of) hooray

Hip update: my hip isn’t broken, but it’s a mess of torn muscle and soft tissue. Would have been better if it had been broken, because that would have been fixable.

Injury pain + standard ME pain amplification = 16 on the normal 1-to-10 scale. Healing time: months, or years, or maybe never. Because it’s muscle, and ME is all about the muscles. For now, I’m immobile because it’s agony every time I move it, and of course at some point the inevitable ME post-injury-and-hospital etc exhaustion will arrive.

They morphined me up in hospital, but I’m not continuing with that now I’m home. If it’s in any way possible I want to continue with my normal maximum dosage codeine & paracetamol painkiller regime, which never takes the pain away but does dull the edges of it sufficiently for me to get maybe an hour or two of sleep every 6 hours. Taking something that dulls my brain and therefore stops me writing is not on the cards unless it becomes the only way I can stop screaming 24/7/ so wouldn’t be writing anyway. Not at that point yet, and pray I don’t reach it.

Okay. Apology for this stream of consciousness. Hope it makes some sense.

Through the big breaking surf to blue water ahead

Photo by Kira Auf der HeideAt the end of last week I sent off my proposal to Rhonda Merwarth, my editor at Carina Press. 15 chapters (that’s 41k written and polished, which will probably constitute about 45% of the finished ms) and a 16-page synopsis. 16 pages might sound extreme, but it’s a 1-page galactic settings brief, a 9-page Book 1 synopsis, and a 4-page series outline.

Changed up the series name to make it stronger. Sky Train is now Space Train. And my proposed book titles are: Freedom in Space; Invasion from Space; Betrayal in Space; and Lovers from Space.

I’m excited about this series, and about the possibility of working with Rhonda again.

Wish me luck! 🙂

I really had to get this sub off then, because I knew our house would be Chaos City over the weekend – and it was.

D2 moved out on Friday, so two removals men were in and out all that afternoon and she, my wife, and D3 were back and forth between our place and her new one all evening after they came home from work until late. Our poor old hound dog Elvis was quietly freaked. There’s been a lot of upheaval recently from his point of view and he’s feeling very insecure. So my job was to give him lots of love and attention all that day and into the night until D3 got home properly to take over.

Yesterday, Monday, the decorators were scheduled to start work here. It’s a big job, wallpapering and/or painting the ceilings and walls and all woodwork in our big open plan living room and up the very high stairway and the landing at the top. So all weekend my wife and D3 moved furniture around to facilitate that, and then D3 also stripped the walls in the back double bedroom that D2’s two little children have shared for three years, while my wife deep washed the walls and skirting boards and now-bare floor in the other back room that has been D2’s bedroom for those three years but now going to be my study again, before those decorators arrived.

And as well as that, my wife and D3 were back and forth to D2’s new place again, because it’s lovely but had been left utterly filthy by its outgoing inhabitants.

Oh, and new carpets are bought and booked to be fitted in those two back rooms of ours as soon as the decorators finish, so the floors have to be prepared. My wife and D3 were doing that at the weekend too.

And, breathe.

Meanwhile, I caught some hideous viral thing (I think) in the week that made all my joints screech in agony. 72 hours in by Saturday evening and it was still crippling me. The stairs were impossible. I slept (yeah, right) in an armchair in the living room.

So I was bloody glad I followed my strong instinct and got that proposal done and off to Rhonda when I did!

Sunday was unpleasant. My wife and D3 emptied our big living room of everything, my mac and desk and chair into one room at the back of the house and everything else into the other. I had my study back, but only temporarily. Can close the door on paint fumes and whatever this week until the decorators are done, then will have to vacate it again while my wife prepares the room properly for the carpet fitters. The other room next door to me is just a cube of the furniture and everything else from our living room. Like a big storage container.

I tried to stay out of their way all weekend as best I could. The virus – or, at least, the BIG pain that was its only symptom I was aware of – finally retreated on Sunday, just in time for me to trip over something outside the study that hadn’t been there five minutes earlier when I passed that way, and wrench my right hip. Agony. It’s still impossibly painful and totally immobilising now, on Tuesday morning.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back in my study. It’s looking tired, but I wrote seven of my nine books in this room and it feels like home for my creative brain.

The decorators started yesterday. The entire house is upside down and getting around it with The Hip is impossible. They should finish on Friday evening. It’s just something we have to get through.

I’m shut in my (new, old) study today with two heavy doors closed between me and the paint they’ll start using on all the woodwork this afternoon. Getting on with Space Train. My wife is supplying me with food and coffee at sensible intervals.

It’s fine. I’m only crying because of my hip. 😀

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