RIP Gary Moore

Irish blues rock guitarist and singer Gary Moore died yesterday. He was only 58. He leaves behind a brilliant body of work, but it’s terribly sad that we’ve been robbed of many more years of his magic. The man was a genius. Today people are saying he was underrated, but that isn’t the case for those of us who’ve always loved his music.

I’ve also heard it suggested that the fact he wasn’t particularly pretty kind of took the legs from under the record company marketing department. Indeed, Ozzy Osbourne once quipped, “Can you imagine having a Gary Moore poster on your wall? You might as well have a picture of a welder’s bench.” (Yes, that famously pretty boy Ozzy 🙂 ). Gary loved the line and often repeated it.

My wise friend Kate’s response is that “this was one of his strengths. There’s no doubt that his music was good because it was good, not because we were being somehow fooled into thinking it was by a charismatic image.”

I’ve always thought the best word to describe his playing is pure. If you don’t know him and have never heard his music, you have such a treat in store. Search for him on YouTube and I promise you’ll find hours of bliss waiting to be discovered.

My favourite number of his will always be Parisienne Walkways. It graced the UK top 10 all through summer 1979, which was Janette’s and my first summer together. It’s a wonderful love song. Possibly my favourite love song of my whole life.

Thank you, Gary. I love you, man.

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