The plan for 2018

Photo by Bennett DunganI aim to keep going at the speed that will allow me to keep going. Having proved to myself that I can complete one big novel per year despite health hurdles, that’s my benchmark. I’ve submitted 2017’s space opera, and depending on the responses that one receives its sequel is likely to be my big book of 2018.

Also, I’ve teamed up with Holley Trent to co-author a small American town cozy mystery, which promises to be fun.

Once I recover from the relapse that’s sunk me deep since I finished Space Train in October, really recovered that is, I’ll get started.


am writing around obstacles

In summer 2012, here on my blog, I ran a 3-part series for my readers and me.

Its aims were:

  • to identify our obstacles to productivity; and
  • to create plans of action for getting around them.

It was a popular series. People joined in to describe the rocks on their roads, and devised individual plans of action to get around them. Or over them. Or under them. We had a good week.

I found it very helpful.

When I look back at the health challenges I’ve experienced since 2012, it’s plain to see that following the plan of action I made then has helped me get through some pretty tough times and keep going.

Obviously, my plan of action was focused on writing. As were those created by people in the comments sections three years ago. But some non-writing readers also emailed me to say they’d enjoyed the series and were applying their plans of action in various other disciplines.

It’s a shame to leave such a helpful series sitting in my archives, so I’ve decided to bring it back out into the light and update it up for you to use.

Here it is.

1. What are your obstacles to productivity?

2. How can you overcome your obstacles to productivity?

3. Drafting a plan of action to overcome your obstacles to productivity.

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I hope you find it useful.

In fact, if you participated three years ago I’d love to hear how things are for you now. It’ll be good to revisit and maybe revise our plans of action.

If you’re new to the series, please feel free to describe your own obstacles and draft your plans of action in the comments sections below the three posts. You’re very welcome to join in.

And please don’t overlook all the great comments from three years ago. The success of this series was in its community spirit, and the comments sections are where you’ll find the best of the action.

Okay, so let’s get to it.

Let’s get around those obstacles and leave them behind us. 🙂

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