A little bird told me

BelieveI overheard my wife telling our four-year-old grandson that she’d heard he’d been a good boy that day.

“Who told you?” he asked.

She replied, “A little bird.”

It took me right back to my childhood. Woosh, there I was, aged two or three, playing with my toys on the kitchen fireside rug while Mum prepared our evening meal, and Nan was arriving home from work and saying a little bird had told her I’d been a good boy.

I asked her about that little bird, several times I’m sure, but Nans don’t reveal the secrets of their magic to little boys. In the vignette I constructed of Nan’s walk home from work, he was a sparrow, hopping along the tops of neatly clipped privet hedges and telling her all about my day. I remember it clearly. It was enchanting.

That’s what I wanted to do in my fantasy novel Storywalker, which is now out on query duty. I didn’t write it for kids, but I did want to take my readers back to the magic of their childhoods, when they were curious and questioning and had no problem believing.

Do you have a certain phrase that takes you straight back to the wide-eyed innocence of your childhood? Tell us in the comments!

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