Ghost story in space Damage Control released to celebrate PRIDE!

Damage Control cover

A Christmas ghost story in space starring two brave young women engineers who happen to be in love, this previously published title is now rewritten as an adult novella and released to celebrate PRIDE.

“Damage Control is action, love and loyalty all wrapped around an intriguing Science Fiction puzzle.” USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR KIM KNOX

Kath Preston and Jen Stenberg are damage control engineers in the generation starship Romeo, 582 years into its 800-year journey from frozen Earth to humanity’s hopeful future on planet Nirvana. When they were schoolgirl best friends, Romeo’s population was doubled to 10,000 by taking on survivors from its stricken sister ship Juliet in the disaster that claimed the life of Kath’s hero father Peter.

On Christmas Eve seventeen years later, in the space of a single 24-hour duty while the people of Romeo are preparing to enjoy the holiday, can Kath and Jen step into Peter’s hero shoes when the actions of a murderous rogue crewman and the lurking ghost of the Juliet conspire to threaten Romeo’s safety and the lives of those they love?

DAMAGE CONTROL is available to buy from these outlets.

Space Train is finished!

Photo by Alekzan PowellVery early yesterday morning I finished writing Space Train. It’s 97k words of space opera adventure spread across four solar systems, with faster-than-light wormhole transits and alien cultures and a big diverse cast of characters I’ve fallen in love with.

Happily, over the years I’ve developed my way of building a novel, which is to edit and polish as I go, scene by scene. Obviously it’s slower than fast drafting, but by the time I write The End it’s pretty much ready to go. So for me it’s actually far faster than other methods I’ve tried, and certainly it feels like less work.

I honestly think this has been the most fun I’ve ever had writing a novel. I adore the universe, its science, and most of all its people. I’ve loved every minute of it, and I’m already looking forward to writing Book 2. In fact I’ve skeleton-planned the entire four-book series.

Space Train is with my crit partners and beta readers now, and while it’s in their hands I’m preparing a submission package to send it to Angry Robot’s open call in November.

Happy David! Very, very tired, but still happy. 🙂

Spotlight on Justina Ireland

After my Talk to me about diversity in fiction post last month, I went looking for new (to me) people who know what they’re talking about.

One of the people I found is Justina Ireland.

Her website tagline says she’s a young adult author and purveyor of awesomeness.

You should read her. What she says is often uncomfortable to hear, but she’s speaking from experience and we should hear it because it’s uncomfortable.

She tweets fast and sharp.

But it’s her blog that hooked me.

In the past month while I’ve been reading her, these posts have stopped me in my tracks and made me think:

Why You Aren’t Really Colorblind: Bookish Edition

Moving Beyond “Diversity”

Daily Invalidations

Writing Past Your Shit 101: Getting Our of Your Own Way and Writing People NOT Like You!

Aversive Racism and the Traditional Publishing Model

I’ll stop talking now. Go read her.

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