I’m loving this weather at the moment. Can only sit outside to enjoy it for half an hour at a time, and not strong enough to do it every day, and contrary to expectations I find that climatic conditions don’t alter my health condition in any way, but the sunshine and lovely birdsong does make me smile.

That’s it, folks. I’m still in the same way I was last time I posted. It’s a long old relapse, this. I’m mostly bedbound, mostly sleeping, mostly hurting too much to bear and so mostly drugged quite heavily.

My wife is reading a splendidly illustrated hardback copy of Mrs Beeton’s Every-Day Cookery, annotated throughout with pencilled menu notes.

On the first blank page inside the front cover, in a different hand of confident cursive blue ink, is this message:

To Bunny, in self defence, John. 1948

Making us smile. 🙂

So, 2017…

Tried, but didn’t quite make it back here in January. Been awful poorly. Caught a chest infection sometime back in mid-December and although it’s nearly gone now I’m still laid low.

Missed an appointment with my consultant eye surgeon Monday. Too ill to leave the house, never mind spend a day in the hospital. So back down the surgery list I go.

That’s it. See you when I can sit up and type more.

A glimmer of daylight ahead

Not feeling better, exactly. Just not feeling quite so deathly as I have been for weeks. This past four or five evenings, I could have written a bit. I didn’t, because I’m being super cautious and don’t want to sabotage or delay the recovery that I hope is coming.

So, still getting battered, but I’m hopeful.

And yesterday I had a phone call from Chris, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends. He’d just finished reading The Honesty of Tigers and wanted to tell me he loved it. #heartwarm 🙂

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