My good writing news

Photo by Jez TimmsMy writing news is good. The “difficult and significant” chapter, where Sky Train has been paused for a year or more while I was too ill to write, is now written.

It turned out to be not difficult at all, because once I got into it I realised nearly all the significant stuff needed to be written into earlier parts of the book. A whole lot of it in a brand new Chapter 2 and other bits and pieces in new scenes I inserted throughout the existing 32k. Two weekends and a few late weekday nights later, it’s now at 40k and I’m chomping at the bit to write the rest of this reinvigorated story. Won’t be fast, because I’m still ill, but I’ve recovered sufficiently to write again and that’s what I’m doing.

My Yay! isn’t even slightly cautious. 🙂

Still post-viral

Seems a daft thing to say, seeing as I’ve been “post-viral” since I caught ME in a hospital somewhere in the middle of 1991. Of course what I’m talking about here is being post-viral after my September flu.

And I’m choosing to call it that rather than relapse. Feels more hopeful.

SFX: long sigh

As you may imagine, not a lot of writing going on. Sky Train’s waiting patiently for me to be human again.

ME: Ha! You had the flu! Now watch me punish you!

Photo by Li YangCaught the flu 2 (3?) weeks ago, got over it last week, except that of course I didn’t really get over it. ME punishment for getting the flu is severe.

Tried all last week to get back into Sky Train. No joy. The story is there waiting to be written. I’m not falling out of love with it. Simply exhausted and my brain won’t let me concentrate for more than five or ten minutes at a time.

Fortunately this has happened when Sky Train has finished one dramatic passage and is just about to start another one, so I suppose it’s the perfect time for me to pause it.

In the meantime, last night a friend reminded me about an urban fantasy short I left 1/3-written two or three years ago. The plot is fine, but at that time the two main characters hadn’t got the necessary zing for me to want to write them. Late last night I started to read what I had of it, and ended up changing both those characters completely. These new ones definitely have The Zing, and I think I’m going to write a bit more of this story in brief bursts as a palate cleanser while waiting for my brain to recover sufficiently to get back on the Sky Train.

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