Title ideas for my WIP

Dear Hive Mind,

my encouraging news today is that I might be surfacing from the ME relapse that followed inevitably after two weeks of unbearable pain. Might be, although I know enough to never take anything health-related as a guarantee. But the happy thing is that since the middle of last night I’ve been considering titles for my WIP.

Have four contenders and decided to ask for your thoughts.

It’s a literary novel involving two ageing and estranged sisters, professors of ancient history at rival universities, and the long ago lover of one of them who may or may not be the goddess Aphrodite. Its theme – well, one of its themes – is reconciliation.

What I’ve been doing since the middle of last night is reading Sappho’s poems and lifting from them some phrases that I think might make interesting titles. Have whittled them down to four:

Awed By Her Splendour
You May Forget But
O Evening
Where The Grove Is

I’ve played with them for too many hours now and don’t know if they’re intriguing or not. What do you think? Any of them jump out at you? Anything else you think might work better?

About my Quiet Resistance

My science fiction story Quiet Resistance is an alternative history explanation for the neoliberal infestation of the UK and USA, and it includes an ending of the infestation I think might be a wish come true for those who’d like to see it happen that way.

But it’s my worst performing book. Very low sales figures and zero reviews. This little story is dying out there, starved of oxygen.

So if you’ve read it, I’ll be very grateful if you would post a review. On Amazon or elsewhere. Doesn’t have to be more than a line or two. https://www.books2read.com/u/3G9VVd

Please? 🙂

PS. Thanks to my generous friend Claire Buss for creating this graphic, which I love.

Another year: 3, 2, 1… Go!

We celebrated my birthday over the weekend. I love birthdays and always enjoy having my family around here with me.

Nowadays, my New Years seem to have merged with my birthdays, so that the start of each year is delayed for three weeks. Fine with that. Whatever works.

And talking of work, I got (and stayed) too sick last year to do much of it at all after finishing and releasing Quiet Resistance in the early summer. It’s been a long old winter too, and we’re only halfway through it yet. But there’s work to do and I look forward to tackling at least some of it. I hope.

Here is what’s on my plate this year:

Space Train 1 – novel edits from Beaten Track Publishing are imminent

Space Train 2 – write and submit it to Beaten Track this year

Space Train 3 & 4 – plan them ready to write in 2020 and 2021

Sisters – literary novel to research and write

Demons – urban fantasy novel to complete

SFF Collection – short stories to compile and release

A Sparrow Sings – epic poem to format and release

Not sure about the order in which I will tackle them, but there’s nothing there that feels like a chore. Would happily pick up any one of them and dive right in today, although obviously Space Train 1 edits will be first. We’ll see what my health allows after that and how I get on with the list.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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