Home again

We’re home from our family holiday in Torbay. Our final full day was last Friday, which we spent in Brixham. It’s my favourite place in the world. I’d go and live there in an instant if our family wasn’t so rooted where we are. Maybe one day Janette and I will downsize to a fisherman’s cottage there. It’s my dream, but not really hers, so it’s doubtful. Still, I can enjoy the dream.

We had a lovely time but I’m glad to be home. Can’t tell you how much I missed our great shower and big bed. I’m sure I’ll visit Torbay again, but I’m equally sure it was the last caravan holiday I’ll ever take. Hard lumpy beds are for hard lumpy youngsters. Next time I’ll find a nice, friendly, comfortable bed and breakfast place. Looking forward to it already.

First, though, I’m looking forward to the release of A Flight of Thieves in two weeks!

Elvis is in the house

Love him tenderWell, he is now anyway.

I locked up the house in the dark around midnight last night. No need to turn on any lights. I know the place like the back of my hand and it’s all routine. Also, Bev gives me grief if I turn on the living room lights late at night because it disturbs her turtles who live in a huge tank in there.

So I went around flicking plug switches off and checking doors, then finally shutting and locking the back garden door and saying goodnight to our boys Jake and Elvis (who sleep on a quilted blanket by the fireplace) while I climbed the stairs. And so to sleep.

Until 6 this morning, when Bev kissed Janette good morning and wished her a happy birthday. I was singing Happy Birthday to her sleepily when we heard Bev downstairs. “Elvis? Elvis? ELVIS?” Then the back door being unlocked and, “ELVIS, BABY, YOU’VE BEEN OUTSIDE ALL NIGHT!”

Am I in the shit, or what? Oh, yes. Doesn’t matter that it was a warm, dry June night. I’m a monster.

I’d had enough of having my ear chewed by the time Bev left for work an hour later. I told her I’m going to spend the whole day telling Elvis it was her who locked him out.

Bad dad.

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