My last post on this blog

This month will see a new look to my author platform. My webhost and old friend is retiring from the business, so after much thought I’ve decided it’s time for me to make a refreshing change.

Before the end of August I will let this venerable website go, along with my domain name and the blog that used to host an active community here but no longer does because nearly everyone talks with me on Facebook.

I’ll be with my friends, readers, and fellow writers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Talking about life and writing and books and everything, laughing, crying, grumbling, celebrating, being part of the multifaceted community I’ve loved for many years.

Also, I now have an author page on my new publisher’s site, where my backlist is available in paperback and digital, where my SF novel Space Train will be released in those formats on 29th August, and where all my future books will appear. That author page is the “My books” hub this website used to be.

Here are the links so we can stay in contact:

Publisher’s author page:

David Bridger’s Reader Group on Facebook (regular little posts of an everyday bloggish nature):

David Bridger Author Page on Facebook (like an occasional newsletter):



If this blog is still the only place where you and I see each other, I do hope you will follow me on one or more of these links. I would be sad if we were to lose contact.

Here is an announcement

Today I’ll be withdrawing my six self-published ebooks from everywhere they’re on sale, in preparation for them all being released very soon as paperbacks and new edition ebooks by Beaten Track Publishing.

These titles are:

Quiet Resistance

Damage Control

The Honesty of Tigers



A Flight of Thieves

They will all be available again very soon. I’m excited about the paperbacks. 🙂

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