It’s quiet here, but there’s some creating going on

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Just checked, and it’s been nearly a month since I posted here. Didn’t realise it was so long. Life is quiet here in Bridger Hollow. But as my title of this post says, there’s some creating going on. Quietly. Not fast. But it’s happening.

Three WIPs are underway: SPACE TRAIN 2; an urban fantasy novel with the working title DEMONS, which will incorporate my old novella BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD rewritten and somewhat re-imagined as the first of its three parts; and a historical novel I’m co-authoring with Debbie McGowan.

No big wordcounts are taking place. We’re talking hundred of words rather than thousands, to be honest, because my ME during this two-month-and-still-counting heatwave is poleaxing me every day. Real life effects of climate change on a chronically ill author.

Also to do is two, or possibly three, new books I need to lift from my hard drive and set free into the world. The first is an alien invasion SF novella; the second an epic eschatological Christian poem that is nothing like my normal produce but is close to my heart; and the third a collection of SFF short stories.

I think the collection mightn’t be ready for release until next year, but the first two will probably appear this autumn. Depending on my health and the fallout from various medical appointments I have looming on the horizon.

So that’s where I am. Here, as always. 🙂

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6 Responses to It’s quiet here, but there’s some creating going on

  1. Red Fiona says:

    A friend has MS and she too, is hating the heatwave. Hope you have a nice cool corner.

  2. Margaret says:

    Hugs. We’re suffering through the heatwave with AC, but AC is actually harder on me, so…

    Yay for words even if only in the hundreds. Like any other amount of words, they do add up. Two months ago (I think) my edit count was 600 words for the month, but I’ve made it to the final quarter :).

    • Hooray! Well done on your determined wordcount! 🙂

      Hugs for you too. I understand about the AC. I used to struggle with it when we lived in reliably hot countries.

  3. Holly says:

    Hi David, I made it to your website, yay!

    I really need inspiration or a big shove in the ass to get writing my own blog posts. So much procrastination there – I think I may be overwhelmed with how many words want to spill out.
    I will look at your books – I havent been able to read much and have piles of brand new fantasy books by favorite authors I havent been able to touch. But I’d like to support a fellow ME artist. Somehow.

    I’m also a Firefly junkie, and I would love to hear more of ocean life as I’m obsessed with the sea, sea tales, sea movies, and I write in private about a she pirate captain.

    • Hi, Holly! It’s good to see you! 🙂

      I’m a Firefly fan too. I haven’t written anything quite like it, but the universe of my Space Train series (Book 1 is awaiting my editor’s sure touch and I’m writing Book 2 this year) has a somewhat similar feel. In my backlist, one of Storywalker’s two parallel threads is a sea tale (and its heroine has ME), and A Flight of Thieves is like an old fashioned sea tale only with steam driven airships instead of waterborne ones.

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