Someone so kind, so generous, she’s taken my breath away

One of my friends has done something so kind and generous for me, she’s rendered me nearly speechless.

Remember this post?

I asked if anyone could help me track down a book I loved when I was a boy but which circumstances had stopped me from finishing. People helped in the comments, especially a poster by the name of Og Bashan, who eventually  identified the book as Dream Gold by David Severn. Unfortunately, said Og, Dream Gold has been out of print for many years and the only two copies available were expensive. Like £50 per copy expensive!

Another friend searched eBay and discovered a copy had sold only the day before for a lot less, but of course I’d missed it.

So that’s where we left it, with me taking one long wistful look at the expensive copy then keeping an eye on eBay in the rather forlorn hope another inexpensive copy would turn up.

Until today, when the postman knocked on my front door and handed me a well-wrapped parcel from America, and it turned out to be one of the expensive copies! One of my friends bought it and had the seller ship it across to me in the UK!

There is loveliness in this world.

Thank you, my kind friend.

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18 Responses to Someone so kind, so generous, she’s taken my breath away

  1. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I’m so glad that you got this book.

  2. I agree. I’m so pleased that you have it at last!

  3. That is so sweet and beautiful. You are blessed to have wonderful people in your life.

  4. RFLong says:

    Oh, that’s so lovely! And books need a good home.

    • David Bridger says:

      It is, and they do. This one is especially nice because, as well as everything discussed in this and the other post, the original reader named the book as her property. She stuck a little certificate inside the front cover with her name on it, quite possibly before I was born.

  5. Gordon Rottman says:

    I had something similar happen. I’d look high and low for a copy of a Golden Book from when I was about five. I was looking for the 1953 edition of The Sailor Dog, which has incredible artwork. All I could find was a 1970s edition which deleted four pages, of the most notable artwork of course. One morning when my sister-in-law and I began our two-mile run, she handed me a copy of the 1953 edition. She’s never told me how much it cost and where she found it and of course declined any payment.

    • David Bridger says:

      Isn’t it lovely to be given something significant from your childhood? I’m glad your got your The Sailor Dog, Gordon.

  6. Wow, what an amazing gift!

  7. Aiona says:

    Wow! What a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift! How exciting! (Feb 14th was Valentine’s Day in the US, ya know.)

  8. How wonderful! That is making me want to go out and do something equally amazing for someone (though I don’t know what yet) – we hear a lot about “random acts of kindness” but this is an outstanding real-life example of how it could really make someone’s day. Hope the book gives you as much pleasure now as it did when you were young.

  9. Katrina Roede says:

    I love the book and have also been searching for a copy of the 1953 edition, so far without any luck. If anyone has one I would love to buy it! 🙂

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