In praise of Nathan Lowell’s TRADER TALES series

I’ve spent this “recovery from eye surgery” week listening to Nathan Lowell’s fabulous Trader Tales series on Podiobooks.

“Listening to” is a pale phrase for what I’ve been doing. I’ve been living it. Still am. I started the sixth and most recent novel Owner’s Share last night.

It’s a strange science fiction series. Old-fashioned in its leisurely and often detailed style. Took me a while to get over wondering when he was going to move on from the introductory character-and-worldbuilding.

Thing is, he never does move on from it. He just keeps going, deeper and deeper, and takes me with him. Until the moment arrived when I realised I love these people and I’m living their lives with them.

This won’t be for everyone. It’s a slow read (listen) and although his craft is superb and his voice assured, his unique style will test the patience of some readers. I can’t imagine any publisher would want him. But this series has attracted an enthusiastic and loyal readership.

I’m out there with them all, enjoying the golden age of the solar clipper.

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