To write a memoir?

Photo by David Clode

Has anyone here written a memoir? Writing one now, perhaps?

Two or three times this year I’ve found myself entertaining the notion. Just to cover my childhood and teens, really, up to when I joined the navy.

They were grim years. Dark. I suffered abuse.

What I’m wondering is, why would I want to write a memoir?

I don’t need to fix anything. I’ve done that, actually. I’m 61 and I’m okay. Long ago, I forgave the people who hurt me. I don’t need to come to terms with anything, or heal anything. It’s healed. So that’s not a reason to write it all out.

Nor do I need to see those years from the perspective of my abusers. Which might be a factor for some people who write a memoir, but it isn’t for me. I’m satisfied that I’ve covered that too.

I don’t believe it would make me any money. Not that money is a driver in my life. There are eleven or twelve of my novels out there in the world and, although my loyal readers enjoy them, experience tells me not to expect anything I write to buy me a yacht. So it isn’t money.

I’m not of the opinion that a memoir of mine would add to the sum of human wisdom. Parts of it might possibly help a youngster or two who are going through what I went through… but frankly I don’t foresee it being popular enough to get into their hands.

And I wouldn’t bother writing it just for myself, because I don’t do that, or need to do that, or even want to do that.

So I don’t know why the thought keeps returning. Why I’m attracted to the idea of the project.

Any ideas, friends?

Quiet Resistance is released!

My brand new SF alien invasion novella QUIET RESISTANCE is released.

Quiet Resistance cover

Aliens invaded Earth and occupied the UK and the USA. They assumed the roles of the human upper classes, many existing members of which welcomed and collaborated with them in order to maintain personal wealth and power. Resistance movements were formed, but their effectiveness was limited by the constant and deadly threat of an orbiting alien spaceship.

Thirty-five years later, when two spaceship slaves escape down to Snowdonia in possession of humanity-saving information, New Scotland Yard detectives Carmen Wood and Thomas Able are sent to find them in a race against time and overwhelmingly well-resourced alien agents. The next five days will change the world forever.

QUIET RESISTANCE is available from all the normal places:

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