I was interviewed about life with severe ME

Photo by Rob PotterLast week, Emma over at Not Just Tired interviewed me about my life with severe ME.

“My main symptom is and has always been pain. It’s constant. The best I can hope for is that it doesn’t get worse than bad. Bad is bearable. Unfortunately it’s often worse than bad, and sometimes it’s unbearable. In February and March for example this year it was unbearable for 8 weeks without a minute’s relief. Difficult to describe what it’s like existing inside of those long episodes without getting darker than I’m comfortable sharing here.”

Interview: An insight into life with severe ME

Barb Taub interview & a giveaway!

Lovely “UK-dwelling Yankee expat” fantasy author Barb Taub is interviewing me today on her blog, where we’re giving away a copy of A Flight of Thieves.

Comment over there before midnight Sunday to enter our giveaway contest!


A. Catherine Noon interviewing me today

Author and creative writing teacher A. Catherine Noon is interviewing me today on her blog, about A Flight of Thieves, young adult fiction, steampunk, writing, and more.


She asks GOOD questions! 🙂

Will you come and say hello to us over there?

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