On holiday with ME

My ME relapse is bad and I don’t see any sign of it lifting. Sleeping (if you can call nightmarish sweaty semi-consciousness “sleeping”) about 20 hours a day and the other 4 hours are even rougher. The pain is so bad I keep blacking out. Some fits. Vasovagal? Is that what they call it when the body shuts off its blood supply to the brain for a few seconds in self-defence against unbearable pain? That.

Last winter started exactly the same way, with a three-or-four week flu followed by a deep relapse, then it went into two whacks of double pneumonia (one either side of Christmas) and going blind in one eye despite a failed repair surgery in February after I tore my retina to shreds in one of January’s pneumonia choking fits.

It was a scarily dangerous five months and I want to avoid a repeat of it if at all possible.

I was planning to put my blog and newsletter on holiday for December anyway, but I’m going to start it now. No choice really. I hope that by January I’ll have recovered sufficiently to talk in a straight line. I’ll keep my twitter live because that’s so undemanding. So I’ll see you over there occasionally, and back here on the blog in January.

Be well.

My Christmas books

I’m one of those people who has every possession I need or want, so each year in November/December I create a books wishlist for my family.

We got over the but you know what you’ll be getting thing ages ago. They know I’m always happy to unwrap book presents on Christmas Morning, and better to give me a book I really want to read than take a gamble on a guess.

These are the titles I’m asking for this year:

  • Public Library and other stories by Ali Smith
  • The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M Banks
  • Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)
  • The Celts by Alice Roberts

What books do you look forward to reading this winter?

My favourite bloggers!

My Favourite Bloggers!

A short and sweet post this morning. The three-week flu has finally gone, but the ME punishment relapse is only getting started.

In any case, this isn’t about what I write. It’s about what my favourite publishing industry bloggers write.

Here they are:

My favourite author blogger: Lynn Viehl http://pbackwriter.blogspot.co.uk

My favourite industry professional blogger: Lizzy Kremer http://publishingforhumans.postagon.com

My favourite book reviewing (and so much more) blogger: Margaret McGaffey Fisk Tales to Tide You Over

These are great blogs. Go read them! :)

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