Storywalker shortlisted

I'm a starman, waiting

I’m a starman, waiting

I entered Storywalker in the “Writing in the Margins” query contest and just heard I’m on the shortlist of ten. A group of agents seeking main characters from underrepresented sections of society will get the shortlist next Monday (15th Feb) for review during that week.

This is my query:

Dear [Agent],

Part-time librarian Molly Matthews lives with the painful and exhausting chronic illness ME. The condition has broken every part of her life, except that she has plenty of time to escape into books. Especially to her favourite series, Tamass the Fearless. And when Molly escapes, she really escapes, because she possesses a rare talent that allows her to enter a book and meet its characters and share their adventures. Molly is a storywalker.

Novelist Paul Best doesn’t walk in stories, but he’s always been good at making them up. At least, that’s what he believes, until he learns that he’s spent years unconsciously channelling the life of his unknown twin brother as the hero of his successful series. When Tamass turns up at Paul’s door one stormy night with murderous demons on his tail, it’s the start of a frantic multiverse-hopping adventure. And then there’s Molly Matthews, one of his readers, a woman who is quietly ill in one world but is seen riding a warrior dragon in others.

A generation ago, the ruthless demon Baron Rake put an end to the snooping of Paul’s and Tamass’s parents into his plans to enslave the multiverse. He’s furious when their sons and Molly pick up the investigation again just when he’s about to make his final move.

Separately, and each with the help of new friends, Molly and Paul cross worlds that leak people, creatures, and mythologies back and forth, and their stories converge as they fight against impossible odds to save their entire multiverse.

My quest fantasy STORYWALKER is complete at 82,000 words.

Two of my first seven SFF books have been published by Harlequin Carina, and the others by small presses. Like Molly, I live with ME.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

David Bridger

Cross your fingers for me? :)

Our Elvis is sick

Elvis sleeping by the fireElvis is sick. He’s been off his food for three days and last night he had a fit. Bev took him to the emergency after-hours vet, who thinks it’s either epilepsy (unlikely to start now at his age, she said) or his heart.

We all know big-chested dogs have vulnerable hearts, but he’s only six. He has an appointment this afternoon with Duncan, his regular vet who adores him. He isn’t insured and apparently the tests start at £500, but he’s our baby.

We lost Jake to old age last summer. Not ready to lose Elvis.


Edit to add: Right. Blood tests taken and sent off. Duncan the vet agrees that a heart problem is most likely, and that’s what he’s tested for.


So Elvis had an outing in the car and made a quiet poorly fuss of Duncan. Now he’s back on his bed by the fire. His eyes are all bloodshot and saggy, and he’s sleeping most of the time. We’re having to wake him up and coax him to his water bowl for a drink.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, everyone.

Introducing my new murder mystery series

Henry Bloom Murder MysteriesMy new series will be the Henry Bloom Murder Mysteries. The working title of Book 1 is The Coach Is Dead.

“Who is Henry Bloom?” you ask.

He’s an agnostic police detective who gets work-related phone calls from God.

Henry will be our single POV character throughout the series, a murder squad Detective Constable stationed in a regenerating old dockland district in the fictional city of Bixter on England’s south coast.

He’s a clever and intuitive detective with an incredible memory for facts, but not a great policeman through the eyes of some colleagues and superiors because he isn’t part of the Boy’s Club. Not a loner, but he’s his own man.

His hobby is local history, a love inherited from his quite famous historian mother.

The other main character is Ruth, Henry’s wife and fellow police detective. She’s his lover, his equal, his best friend, and his most loyal supporter. More process-savvy that Henry, she sometimes has to bail him out of sticky situations with their boss.

She’s also career ambitious, and has been promoted to Detective Inspector just before the first book starts, while he wants only to solve murders.

Her hobby is decorating their smart city centre flat with art deco antiques. She has great taste. This isn’t as closely linked to Henry’s hobby as you might think. “I like learning about people,” he says. “I get enough of bloody people at work,” she replies. “When I’m off-duty, I like things.”

I have loads more characters ready to populate the series, and ten novels sketched out, and I’m writing the first one now.

Happy David! :)

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